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These are the most common questions asked by our clients in the Richmond Hill, Markham and Concord and GTA area. Contact us today at (416) 324-2848 so that we can discuss your network telecom needs, since each configuration and design is different we will study your case and provide an array of options.

Can I Do My Own Simple Wiring?

You could, but we don't recommend it. A simple mistake, even with low voltage wiring, can be very costly in the long run. It is best to have it done professionally that way it is guaranteed and your systems will perform up to expectations.

How Do I Find A Good Technician?

As they used to say in school, do some homework. Ask for references. Make sure they are certified and insured. Ask all questions before you contract them. Also, it's smart to get at least three bids to make sure the company isn't charging too much or too little. Either one could be a problem. Too high, you're getting soaked, too low, you might get soaked a lot more when the job goes sour.

Should I Take Out A Service Contract?

Even though it is state of the art technology, systems do fail. We encourage our clients to take a service contract. That way if a failure does occur we can react promptly to fix the problem. Service contracts also cover back up of system and software upgrades to keep you up to date.


While most projects involving low voltage electricity require the hands of an experienced technician, some small problems can be handled by the client. We've listed a few tips to help you if you want to try and tackle that small problem on your own. If you don't, or the problem is too complex, feel free to contact us. We're here; we're ready and able to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Land phone lines can have many problems, if the problem is caused somewhere before the demarcation point, then it's the phone company's problem, but if the problem exists beyond the demarcation point, it's your problem. Some simple problems are easy to fix. Buzzing in the line can be caused by faulty wiring, check the wires to make sure they are properly plugged in. Static could mean wires are loose or moist. Check the phone for moisture and for a loose connection. If you have no sound at all, the phone could have come unplugged. If it's something more than this or something you can't easily identify, you will likely need to contact a professional for help.
  • So what is low voltage power? Low voltage power is 30 volts or less. So any piece of electronic equipment that runs off of that amount of power is considered low voltage, be it a doorbell, a thermostat or a telephone. How come your 120 volt supply doesn't overpower your 30 volt equipment? That is because a low voltage transformer is transforming the power. Usually transformers are mounted on your junction box. Often, especially when installing outdoor lights for example, you will need to make sure your power supply has a low voltage transformer. You can buy them at most hardware stores, they're easy to install and come with directions. If not, we're here to help.

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