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ADD Communications Inc. is a group of audiovisual installation specialists serving the commercial and industrial sectors. We focus on the installation and maintenance of electronic, computer, telecommunication and audiovisual automation products. After many years, we have become firmly established in our community. Our company brings together a network of passionate and experienced specialists who have made themselves known and recognized in the industries and surrounding areas. Our primary mandate is to provide our customers with privileged access to the world of audiovisual electronics, which is evolving at an impressive speed. All of our technicians share the desire to bring remarkable technologies to life and to transform client's lives. No matter the size of your project, you are sure to enjoy an attentive service and a professional approach that meets your current and future needs.

Professional Audio Installation Service

If you need a specialist to connect and install your audiovisual devices, you've come to the right place. Many business owners from the area have already discovered the wonderful professional audio installation service that we provide. We take the load off your shoulders and install your audio system quickly, efficiently and easily. You'll be designing the ambiance of your space sooner than you know it.

Sound System Installation

If you have a commercial audiovisual project or vision in mind, simplify your life and contact the specialists at ADD Communications Inc.. Our advisors are at your disposal to estimate the cost of the products and services you will need to realize your ambitions—and it's free! Contact us by telephone, email or stop by in person, we'll be glad to help you out! We offer a professional commercial installation service for all your audio and video, home theater, automation and wireless needs.

The following is an overview of the tasks that our installers can perform for you:

Audio and Video

  • Mounting TVs on flat, tilt or swivel mounts
  • Connecting HDMI devices while concealing wiring
  • Wiring and connecting all your audio and video devices

Home Theater/ Commercial TV Installation

  • Installing your home theater or TV in offices, warehouses and showrooms
  • Setting and adjusting your audio and video settings

LCD and Plasma Televisions and Projectors

  • Installing your LCD or plasma TVs
  • Demonstrating the main features of your device
  • Connecting your digital receiver to your TVs or projectors
  • Installing your home theater projector and projection screen


  • Installing, programming and connecting IT and home automation networks

Fastening and Supports

  • Installing and attaching your LCD or plasma TVs to the wall

Remote Controls

  • Installing and programming your universal remote control to support your home devices

Call the Trusted Audio and Video Installers

Throughout the area, our trained and certified installers are at your disposal and will ensure you get the most of your audiovisual purchases at a reasonable price. Call us today or stop by in person and start designing the sound of your life!

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