Electrical Service Changes in Concord

Electrical Contractors Who Care

Welcome to ADD Communications Inc., Concord’s electrical service change specialists. At ADD Communications Inc., we employ licensed, qualified and passionate electricians to ensure high-performance service time and time again. The company has formed loyal partnerships with several players involved in the field of electricity to form a harmonious work ethic that we apply to all the jobs that we take on. Our company was founded based on hard work, dedication, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We ensure that we meet these standards by being in constant communication with our customers to check in that they are satisfied with our service every step of the way. Despite the rapid growth, success and expansion of our company, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. At ADD Communications Inc., customers are considered the masters of their projects and we are the tools and helping hands that help carry out the work. We facilitate maximum customer satisfaction while never compromising on quality or price: that’s just one reason why ADD Communications Inc. is one of a kind.

All our specialist electricians and partners share the same concern for a job well done and for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. ADD Communications Inc. has a large group of employees to meet the unexpected demands for electrical services at any given time. We offer emergency electrical services for your convenience; we never want our customers to be in a compromised situation without an electrician that they can trust and turn to.

In Concord, Most Electrical Companies Follow Our Lead

At ADD Communications Inc., what we do is simple; we offer an excellent electrical service for Concord’s commercial and industrial customers at fair prices. Our team takes the extra time to listen to the needs and concerns of our clients. Many other companies overlook this simple, yet indispensable, step which ensures that our clients are satisfied every step of the way.

Electrical Wiring

It takes a professional electrician with the right tools, equipment and experience to change the electrical wiring in your Concord business. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, as it could result in a dangerous and expensive outcome. Better leave this to a professional that can ensure the circuits are not being overloaded and that your business and all its inhabitants remain safe.

We Can Replace Circuit Breakers!

If you have a circuit breaker in Concord that needs to be urgently replaced, no need to worry. Our qualified electricians will be on-site within the hour to get your business back up and running. As business owners, we know that this type of problem is time sensitive and should be addressed as soon as possible. That is why we work quickly and efficiently to save you as much time and money.

To find out more about our company, our services, or to obtain a free quote, call us today! We look forward to helping you turn the lights on!