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Access And Intercom Systems

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system or want to find a solution to a problem, the wide range of access and intercom systems for businesses and their multitude of features will help you achieve your safety goals. At ADD Communications Inc., we provide commercial security products and installation services that are second to none because of their simplicity of design, technical excellence and reliability.

Alarm System Services

ADD Communications Inc. offers a variety of systems related to protection against theft and intrusion for businesses. Our experts will answer your security needs and recommend various devices to design a custom burglar alarm system.

Data Wiring Network Cabling

At ADD Communications Inc., we have provided extensive data wiring and network cabling for many years. We believe in marrying high-quality services with prices our customers can afford. We’ll always be sure to come up with a unique solution that meets your needs.

Low Voltage Electrician

The electricity needs of the commercial sector are very broad and cover a wide range of areas. If you are looking for an expert electrician in the area—look no further. At ADD Communications Inc., we specialize in a wide range of electrical services; including those aimed at car dealerships, cinema complexes, shopping centers or high-rise buildings and much more.

Professional Audio Video

Commercial sound systems are essential to creating an atmosphere conducive to consumption. For individuals, a quality audio system—thoughtfully installed by professionals—will magnify moments of happiness and productivity in your workspace.

Service Changes

. Electrical service changes may occur at any time during the lifespan of your home or business. At ADD Communications Inc., we are flexible and ready to take on any challenges. We remain calm and diligent in our work while maintaining a very strong ability to adapt in the event of changes during the planned process.

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