Low Voltage Wiring, Network Cable Installation and Security System Installation

Combining Professional Security Access Control and Intercom Systems with ADD Communications Inc.

The integration of an access control system within your company gives you additional control over access to the premises. A well-installed access control system will limit access to certain areas, deny access to others, or control groups of people according to their schedule or privileges. An access control system is an excellent complement to your security system. With this access management device, you and your employees will only have to present a card to one of the readers so that the access control system can identify you before allowing you access to the premises of your company.

Knowing who to trust when it comes to securing your livelihood is an important decision. ADD Communications Inc. is a proven and trustworthy access control and intercom system specialist serving the surrounding communities for many years. We are leaders in the industry, using innovative tools and products to make your homes and businesses safe. We want to help you keep your business secure!

Door Entry Systems

An access control system also manages the opening of your company's doors according to pre-programmed schedules, such as day, night, holidays or weekends. Magnetic card readers and electronic locks will be installed at important points of entry and exit. These card readers will identify of your employees and allow or deny them access to the various entry points of the premises.

Access Control and Intercom Systems

Print detailed access control reports to know the movement in your business. Create personalized reports to know who's coming and going at any point during the day. Design your reports by date, time, event, or any other criteria; then save or print them for future reference.

Real Time System Monitoring At the Touch of Your Fingertips

By integrating a control screen into a workstation, you can monitor all events in real time as they occur in your business; for example, if a door remains open, if a door is forced open or if someone who does not have access to a room still tries to access it, you will be notified instantly on your screen.

Wireless Access Control Security Systems

It is also possible to arm or disarm your alarm system wirelessly from the touch of your smart device according to the schedules of your access control system.

  • Standalone access controls
  • Codes
  • Badges
  • Smart cards
  • Biometry
  • Optical systems
  • Videos
  • Reading plates
  • Fingerprints
  • Telephone intercoms
  • Wireless access systems
  • …and much more

ADD Communications Inc. Our Added Value

ADD Communications Inc. is the leading Network Telecom contractor you will find the Newmarket and GTA area, specializing in Telephone System Services, CCTV System Services, Data Networking, Paging, Wireless and Cabling. Contact us, and your Network Telecom needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our technicians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.


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