Access and Intercom Systems in Markham

Many intercom communication systems are available on the market but knowing which one to choose can be trickier than you may think. The intercom is an essential part of your electronic security strategy. Beyond convenience, an intercom system provides you with invaluable safety and security. By pairing it with your network surveillance cameras and your access control system, the intercom system becomes very useful; however, the coordination of all this equipment can be complex. ADD Communications Inc.’s team of experts put all of our experience into your service to help configure your system and simplify safety and efficiency. At ADD Communications Inc. we have the solutions to customize your intercom and access system to suit your business needs best; be it, a paging system, or a wireless surveillance system, we are confident that our ADD Communications Inc. specialists will have the right solution for you. Entrust the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of your intercom communication system by an experienced company with a well-established reputation—contact ADD Communications Inc. today!

Professional Wired Intercom System Services in Markham

Whether it is the diagnosis, design, supply, installation or maintenance of your professional intercom system, ADD Communications Inc. has the tools and experience to meet and exceed all your expectations. ADD Communications Inc. has specialized in the fields of access control, audio or video intercom, authentication and access authorization mechanisms: for many years. We have experience in installing, maintaining and repairing all types of intercom systems in Markham and the surrounding area. We are passionate about providing commercial clients useful and innovative tools to make their businesses more efficient, secure and modern. Designed for the use of both businesses and individuals, our intercoms and control systems adapt to all buildings types.

Professional Intercom Installation in Markham

If you wish to acquire advice, discuss an estimate, or request a preliminary site check, do not hesitate—our team is at your disposal. Located conveniently in Markham, we have been servicing the community and surrounding areas for many years. Stop by our showroom, we’ll be glad to show you our sample products and systems.

Specialized Access Control Systems in Markham

At ADD Communications Inc. we specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of centralized access control systems. These systems make it possible to manage and secure multiple sites remotely or locally. The following are just some of the different types of access control systems that we provide to our Markham customers:

  • Security door systems via multi-technology readers
  • Biometric systems based on fingerprint reading, hand geometry, face recognition or voice expressions
  • Electronic key systems, such as badges and cards with or without chips, remotes and infrared cells
  • Coded keyboards for both indoor and outdoor use. These can be designed using various durable materials and equipped with visual and/or sound signaling devices.

To find out more about how our intercom and access systems can benefit your Markham business, call ADD Communications Inc. today or stop by in person. We look forward to helping you secure your company!