Professional Audio Video in Richmond Hill

Welcome to ADD Communications Inc., where we provide audio systems for individuals and professionals in Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas. Commercial sound systems are essential to creating an atmosphere conducive to consumption. For individuals, a quality audio system—thoughtfully installed by professionals—will magnify moments of happiness and productivity in your workspace. If you are a music lover, ADD Communications Inc. has the solution for you! ADD Communications Inc. gives you the freedom to choose the moods which you would like to work in. We have hundreds of options depending on your needs and budget. Whether you own a shop, a shopping center, or any type of business, we can offer you the audio system best suited to your needs. In addition, we also specialize in multiroom sound environments, which add a variety of moods according to products, departments or brands. Just call us and ask! You’ll be amazed at our vast and affordable selection of options.

Professional Audio System Installation in Richmond Hill

For professionals, we will bring our touch of expertise to your marketing strategy by installing an effective audio system; to improve the well-being of your customers. Don’t underestimate the role that music plays in the productivity and profit of your company. Music has the power to make potential customers naturally more inclined to consume or return to your establishment.

Richmond Hill Sound System Installation

It has been several years since merchants and managers have understood that an appropriate musical selection is a positive factor on the atmosphere and the general atmosphere of the store or commercial space. We are talking about sensory marketing: a marketing technique that solicits one or more consumer senses. A customer who feels good, shops better.

Whether you are the manager of a boutique, hotel, bar, restaurant, gym or shopping center, our ADD Communications Inc. team will be able to offer you a high-end audio/video system installation adapted to your specific needs. We have products suitable for broadcasting music as well as pre-recorded or live messages. We also have the technology to make your sound system experience as customizable as possible by allowing you to create different sound atmospheres in multiple rooms.

You Will Not Regret Trusting Our Sound System Installation Service!

For many years ADD Communications Inc. has been simplifying and improving the lives of thousands of men, women and children in Richmond Hill. Providing quality sound system installations has become our passion and our priority. By trusting us, you can be sure that the results will be beyond your expectations. Our team serves the Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. We have never had a problem installing a high-quality audio system into a commercial, industrial or municipal sector. We have experience working on audio system installations of all sizes, ranging from concert halls to movie theaters and everything in between. If you want to enjoy an exceptional audio/video system at your place of work, you know who to call! To learn more about the ADD Communications Inc.’s method—contact us today!